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Looking for the best roofing Orem Utah? Call today and we'll provide you with a 20 point, professional roof inspection — a $128 value — for FREE!

10 Year Warranty

A-Star Roofing offers and stands by the strongest warranty in the roofing industry. We do a fantastic job at the best price.

Expert Roofer Services

A good roofer is not just about getting the job done; it's about taking care of our customers. Our best commercials come from our satisfied customers. A-Star Roofing & Construction is proud to serve customers in Orem and Provo, Utah.

Whether you’re installing a new roof or repairing your current roof, getting the job done right the first time is essential. Our family has been building metal roofs and shingles in the Utah area for over 30 years and we consistently build roofs that are executed by a team of local roofers with expertise across the full spectrum of residential roofing products.

Whether you want to have your roof replaced or repaired, we offer a high quality service and always get the job done in a timely manner. We guarantee your finished house will look great!

What we offer

  • The unequaled experience of a trusted family roofing business that has been building roofs in the  Utah area for 30 years
  • High quality work and respectful workers.
  • Industry leading experience with installation of the full scope of roofing materials
  • Quality residential and commercial roofing systems and solutions
  • Manufacturer authorizations from numerous industry leaders
  • Numerous local residential references and testimonials
  • An unbeatable warranty and reasonable price
  • A transparent, customer-centric process
  • Fast and simple financing options for qualified borrowers
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Searching for the best Orem roofers? We can handle all your roofing needs, from roof installation to roof repairs and replacements.  The end result of each roofing project is the realization of the aesthetic vision of the customer, achieved through high-quality workmanship using the right high quality materials for the specific characteristics and needs of the structure.

Expert Roofing Service in Orem Ut

  • Roof Repair
  • Roofing Addition
  • Flat Roof Tear-Offs
  • Tar-and-Gravel Roof Conversion
  • Metal Roofing Installation
  • Swamp Cooler Removal
  • Re-Roofing before installing solar panels
  • Gutter Cleaning and Replacement
  • Replacing Old Shingles
  • Wood Shake Shingle Treatment
  • Aluminum Coatings for Torch Down Membranes
  • Roof Inspections
  • Keeping roofs properly maintained, prolonging their lifespan and avoiding costly repairs


  • I shopped around and got quotes from several companies. Gerry, the owner of A-Star, was very informative and answered all my questions. I chose his company over the others, and I’m very happy with the work they did. His crew was on time and worked long hours to get the job done in just two days. When they were done, Gerry came back and climbed on my roof to inspect the work, ensuring that everything specified in the quote was done. I would recommend A-Star roofing to everyone in need of a new roof.

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    Cyril R. Schroemges
  • Gerry was wonderful to work with. I had a difficult roof-- low pitch, in bad shape. He gave me a great quote, then delivered above my expectations. Very easy to work with. It's nice as a real estate investor to receive a competitive price and quality workmanship that I can have confidence in. I will definitely use A-star roofing again.

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    B Pack
  • A-Star roofing may or may not be the cheapest but if you want a roof done right call Gerry at A-Star. My neighbors roofs all have wind and hail damage and my roof looks great still and shows no signs of damage. It’s so nice to know my roof was done right.

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    Alan Furrows
  • A 85-square-foot section of my flat roof needed to be replaced (due to leaks), so I called 11 roofing companies, and 4 provided quotes. (The other companies didn't return my calls or refused to provide quotes because of the small size or level of the roof.) Of those who provided quotes, A-Star Roofing was the only one to actually come out to look at the roof, to make sure that they knew exactly what the project entailed and could provide an accurate quote. (The other companies quoted from pictures I sent them, without coming out to the site.)A-Star Roofing gave a very thorough quote, which included taking off the old roof (and plywood, if needed), before placing the new materials. The other companies had not planned to take off the old roof, until I specifically asked (based on my brother's recommendation, as he does roofing in another state).The quote from A-Star Roofing was below two other quotes. I chose A-Star Roofing over the company with the lowest quote, due to A-Star Roofing's thoroughness, experience, timeliness, and positive reviews. (The other company wouldn't provide references, a descriptive invoice, or an estimated date of service.)I signed a contract with A-Star Roofing at their busy time of year (autumn), but the work was complete by the estimated date they gave me, which was two-and-a-half weeks from signing. A deposit was required at signing, and a discount offered for cash payment at the time of settling.The base wood on my old roof was in very poor shape (as they showed me), so they replaced it with plywood. Then they placed a weather shield over the plywood, and then a roof sheet over the weather shield. Finally, they placed a metal rain guard along the exterior. The work seems very well done. It looks nice, and it functions well (no leaks anymore). I am quite satisfied, and I recommend A-Star Roofing.

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    Jessica H
  • Gerry was good to work with, professional, and his crew was efficient.

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    Carolyn Jaquith
  • A-Star Roofing owner Gerry Heaton has been incredibly helpful and professional. I have had several companies look at our old tar and gravel roof since we bought our fixer upper over a year ago. Gerry was the only one who knew about tar and gravel and had a comprehensive understanding of low pitch roofs like ours and the special treatment they require. I have already recommended A-Star Roofing to a neighbor who is looking to have some roof work done.

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    Steve Hamberger
  • A-star is great to work with, they got quality work done quickly and had the best price in the valley. I would recommend them to anyone .

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    Starla Rudolph
  • We had another roofer come out and give us a bid recommending that we replace the whole roof. I am so glad I got a second opinion. Gerry said that we had at least another 4-5 years of life left in our roof and could wait to replace it if we did a few minor repairs. We are so glad we got Gerry's opinion.

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    Klea Harris
  • extremely professional, work completed in a timely manner, very good value

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    vern hardy
  • Gerry and his crew were great to work with. In less than a week they tore off our old roof down to the plywood and installed the new roof. The workers were fun and very professional. They cleaned up afterwards, the best I have seen. Things could not have gone better and we would recommend A-Star Roofing.

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    Terry Lewis
  • We had a leak and needed to know what to do nextSo we contacted 3 Roofers one roofer said when it rains again call me the 2 roofer gave us two optionsa new roof $12,500 or repair $2,500Our 3 roofer was Gerry from A Star roofingHe checked out our roof and his conclusion wasYour roof has at least 10 more year’sfor $300 heFixed the problem with honesty and quality workThank you so much for the honest Man you are Gerry

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    Gudrun Schimmer
  • Gerry came to fix some roof repairs before we sold our home. He gave us a great price compared to another local company and got it done fast!

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    Breanna Carlile
  • We were very impressed with this companies price, workmanship, quality, and friendly service. We would highly recommend them. We will never forget the day they worked on our roof. It was 9-11 and we had the crew come inside and watch the news of that day unfold. Great company

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    Mary Jo Holm
  • My roof had a leak every time it rained. I called quite a few roofing companies over several weeks, & ultimately chose A-Star Roofing. A-Star Roofing did the best work at the best price. They were knowledgeable, negotiated with me, gave a very reasonable price & resolved the issue. While on my roof they noticed several other things that needed some repair and took time to fix those at no extra cost. Five stars!!

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    Sarah S.
  • Our new roof looks terrific and would have been done in one day if it hadn't rained. The workmanship is excellent and Mr. Jerry Heaton was reasonable in the price of the materials and work. We are very satisfied and so are our friends who have had him do work for them in the past.

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    Jean Clark
  • They keep their promises and communicate promptly

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    naes r
  • Repaired our roof and they were great to work with. Fair & honest.

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    Logan Douglas
  • I called Gerry based on a positive referral from my cousin. His was one of multiple bids I received, and it was one of the lowest. It was easy and quick to communicate with him through text, email, and phone.During the job I was able to point out some concerns and they were addressed. Very pleased with the end result. I think you will be too.

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    Shane V
  • I am very happy with my new roof. They made sure no water got into my house even though it rained almost every day while they were working on it. They solved a preexisting troublesome leaking problem of a slanted roof connecting to an almost flat roof and now it does not leak anymore.

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    Duke Dayton
  • A-star Roofing and Construction resolved our roofing needs. They were quick to start and finished our roof before an impending rain storm. They were professional, honest and thorough. We were definitely impressed.

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    R H

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A-Star Roofing is a trusted Orem roofing company. Unlike other roofing companies, we are dependable, fast and efficient and we put our customers’ best interest first. We always use the best roofing material for your structure and make sure your roof is installed properly. Our experts can provide roofs for complete tear offs, as well as re-roofing over 1 existing layer of shingles. We can also replace your gutters and help with roof repairs.  Contact us today for professional roofing services that you can count on!

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